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Promoting your small business or non-profit is very different than it was 10 years ago. It's no longer about a snazzy radio jingle or eye-catching magazine ad. Now businesses use social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create community among customers, suppliers, and business partners. Having a social media strategy for your organization allows you to engage with the members of your community regularly to promote services and products, answer questions, and even troubleshoot problems. It allows you to proactively "push" updates to your community to generate excitement with your customers and build loyalty for the long term. 

Too busy to do it all yourself?

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The Social Media Smith takes a commonsense approach to incorporating social media practices into your small business or non-profit. We know you don't have time to research and experiment with the many social media options out there. Let us help you by taking time to understand your business goals to efficiently guide you to the best options.  

You can have fun with this new way of doing business as you build and sustain your online communities. You are the heart and soul of the communities your business or non-profit creates, so we want you to feel good about the time you invest in those communities.


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Amy is a pleasure to work with ! She understands the challenge of committing to a social media plan while running a small business. I had been procrastinating adding more to my "to do list". Amy's clear, concise plan has helped me reach my goal of more social media exposure!

- Alison Wells, Tradeport Post and Greeting