My priority is to help you craft a social media plan that helps you accomplish your business goals and is something you can manage on a day-to-day basis. My job is to help you understand where and how to apply your limited resources to promote your business on social media channels. 



We start with a consultation so that I can understand your particular organization's goals, priorities, and challenges. We can do this in person, on the phone, or by Skype. By understanding these aspects of your business, I can create a social media plan that we can polish to ensure that it works for your business and life. After that, I will help you implement your plan, fine-tuning it along the way. Once the plan has been implemented, we can develop some best practices for keeping your social media current and working to support your business goals. 


This option is ideal if you know exactly what social media channel(s) you need to use in your organization, but are not sure you are using them to their full capacity. 


Social media management


My goal is to help you be self-sufficient in managing your social media. However, sometimes that is not possible. In these cases, social media management services are available on a per-annum basis. Contact me for details.

Amy, the brains behind the Social Media Smith, is a pleasure to work with. Six members of a quilt guild sought her out to help us establish an internet presence beyond our website and to spread the word about our annual fundraising event. Everybody in the group really enjoyed working with Amy, and felt that we learned a lot from her. In two two-hour meetings we were able to come up with a platform and strategy to reach a wider audience. In the process, we all learned about some free tools to help us produce and update our profile and cover photos, and how to produce our own memes! We also learned about strategies to encourage members of the organization to upload their content as well. Amy left us with guidelines and a plan to maintain our presence. We are already seeing the magic of social media unfold as our audience grows!

- Deborah McKenna, Concord Piecemakers Quilt Guild